Player Of The Year
2022-06-07 Martin Musto our Flugelhorn player was recently awarded our MD’s Player of the Year Award for his outstanding contribution to Avonbank, including some fantastic solos and rock steady ensemble playing. Congratulations Martin - totally deserved. 
Platinum Jubilee
2022-06-05 We have had a busy weekend playing for the Queen’s Jubilee - Wickhamford on Saturday followed by the Evesham Picnic in the Park on Sunday.  This weekend was also the debut performance for our new signing on cornet - Derick Eggerton. 
Bands Person Of The Year
2022-06-05 This years Bands Person of the Year is shared by the amazing Carole Smith and Robert Palmer. What can we say - Rob and Carole do it all. You keep us organised, get us where we need to be and generally make it all happen. Without them Avonbank would be a much lesser band - Thanks guys we totally love you ❤️. Robs jokes aren’t bad either!!
West Midlands Area Contest
2022-03-31 Avonbank completed in the West Midlands Regional Completion on 26th February 2022 where we came a very respectable and pleasing 6th place. The adjudicators complemented the band on the quality of it's Soloists, Stephen Lane, Rob Palmer, Tim Kemp, Carole Smith and thanked the band for an enjoyable an musical performance of this year test piece, Aeronauts. After our enforces Covid-19 break this was a pleasing result indeed. We have strengthened our position as a successful and strong second section band and  placed ourselves to achieve greater things in the coming years. Thanks go to our MD Colin Herbert for his patience, determination and encouragement as we prepared for this contest.