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Avonbank Brass Band is always on the lookout for playing opportunities. As amateur musicians the members of the band play give their time on a voluntary basis and enjoy playing many different types of music, making the band versatile and adaptable to many different settings. We enjoy formal concerts just as much as playing on a bandstand in a local park. We play for church services ranging from Weddings to Civic Occassions and of course the annual Evesham Remembrance Parade. If you would like us to play for your event then do get in touch and we will see if we can help.


Avonbank Brass Band is a registered charity. Our expenses include the maintenance and running costs of our band room, the purchase of instruments and music and engaging our professional conductor. We meet these expenses through a subscription from the players and other fundraising activities including our playing engagements. We love to support other charities and fund raising events where we can but seek to cover at least part of our expenses wherever possible.


Over the summer we perform on bandstands in Evesham, Bromsgrove, Droitwich and beyond.

Over the summer months we perform our bandstand programme in parked across the area. We always welcome invitations to play on bandstands in parks we have not visited before.


We perform several formal concerts a year 


We have played at several weddings in recent years both for the service itself or to entertain at receptions. we are happy to discuss your requirements for your special day.

Evesham Remembrance Parade

Evesham Remembrance Parade Is a fixture in our engagement diary.

Fund Raising at Waitrose

As a registered charity ourselves we are always happy to help where we can by supporting other charities and organisations by being available to entertain the public in various ways - we particularly like Christmas

The Offenham Wake - Christmas Carols

An amazing community event in Offenham

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